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Health benefits of yoga

Health benefits of yoga

Regardless of whether or not you have previous experience practicing yoga, it can offer physical and mental health benefits to people of all ages. We have a number of Courses and Video tutorials on yoga and have compiled a list of some of the most important benefits of this ancient Indian practice.

Yoga has several benefits, here are a few:

1. Improves strength, balance and flexibility

The slow movements and deep breathing associated with yoga can help to increase blood flow and warm up your muscles. The various poses can build strength as you practice holding them.

2. Helps with back pain

Yoga can help to ease back pain and improve mobility in people who suffer with lower back pain.

3. Ease arthritis symptoms

Gentle yoga poses have been proven to ease the discomfort of tender and swollen joints of people that suffer with arthritis.

4. Improves heart health

A regular yoga practice may reduce levels of stress as well as inflammation in the body which can help contribute to overall heart health. Yoga also helps to address other health problems associated with cardiovascular health, such as high blood pressure and weight gain.

5. Improves sleep

Research has shown that a regular yoga routine before bedtime can help your body better prepare for a good night’s sleep as well as improving the overall quality of sleep you have.

6. Boosts energy

Yoga can help you to feel an increased mental and physical energy as well as improved alertness and enthusiasm.

7. Helps manage stress

Scientific evidence has shown that practicing yoga regularly helps to support stress management, mental health and mindfulness.

If you are interested in practicing yoga, head to the online store to see our bestselling yoga tutorials and guides.

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